We currently hold our Hypnotherapy clinics in Bristol and Cheltenham, but before any session can take place with you, we will require an initial consultation with you on the telephone.

This phone call will allow us to discuss with you the issue or issues that you may require our help with and will enable us to assess and arrange the appropriate level of care and assistance you may need.

A typical Hypnotherapy session will last for 60 minutes and is usually charged at our base rate of £60 per hour or part thereof.  We regularly have special offers that will lower this base rate for a set number of treatment sessions, such as our smoking cessation clinics.

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The number of sessions required for each course of treatment will vary from person to person, as Hypnotherapy sessions will always depend upon the specific treatment method required and the severity of any presenting issue(s) and the response to the Hypnotherapy methods we provide.

The number of sessions needed for any course of treatment will always be discussed and agreed beforehand with you, keeping you in control.

To book an appointment and arrange your initial consultation, please select the Contact Us link above.

If you need to cancel your appointment with us, 24 hours notice will be required and the session fee will not be charged.  If cancellation is less than 24 hours or non-attendance occurs, the full session fee may be charged.