At Hearts and Minds Therapy Limited, we use Hypnotherapy to enable the creation of a solid mental foundation which will enable the positive and motivational changes that you may well have wanted for some time.

The sessions we provide you are in a safe, relaxing and therapeutic environment and use methods that can make an immediate change to any unwanted behaviours, negative thoughts you may have and can even modify the way you perceive yourself, enabling you to realise a new self-image and improvement to your outlook on life in a positive way!

We can help you with: 

Addictive Behaviours
Anxiety Issues
Binge Eating
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / M.E.
Driving Test Stress and Anxiety
Emotional Issues
Exams or Tests Stress and Anxiety
Excessive Shopping
Exercise Motivation
Job Interview Confidence
Panic Attacks
Dentists Phobias
Flying Phobias
Height Phobias
Insects Phobias
Nail Biting
Smoking Cessation
Snakes Phobias
Spiders Phobias
Sugar and Sweets Addiction
Performance Anxiety
Public Speaking and Stage Fright
Relaxation Techniques
Self Esteem Issues
Self-Defeating Behaviours
Sleep Disturbance Management
Social Anxiety
Sporting Performance
Stress and other Anxieties
Trauma Issues
Vaping Cessation
Weight Management

Where there are issues that are affecting you that we have not shown on the above list, please note that you can always contact us to see how we can help you... You matter and we are here to help you!

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