Sleep Disturbances

Sleep disturbances effect your ability to sleep and the quality of sleep you experience, this could happen in several different ways. You may find it difficult getting to sleep, wake up randomly breaking your sleep and then not able to easily get back to sleep or even struggle to get to sleep altogether.

The effects on the body and mind can become quite severe, by not having a full night’s sleep and feeling refreshed in the morning this can change your mood, reduce your concentration, cause more stress and anxiety (if you are already experiencing these) and even lead to physical illness. The longer sleep is disturbed without treating it, all of the above factors can manifest to some degree and continue to affect your life negatively.

With the help of hypnosis, you can learn the ability to relax and relieve any stress related to falling asleep. You will be able to enjoy going to bed, without all the tension that was once felt and with regular practice getting a good night’s sleep will become even easier.

Tips to improve your sleep pattern that can work alongside a tailored treatment plan:

  • Create a routine by trying to go to bed and waking up at the same time each day.

  • Exercise as this helps to reduce stress and make your body physically tired.

  • Lower intake of alcohol, caffeine and nicotine, replacing tea and coffee for herbal teas.

  • Avoid large meals at night as this makes it harder for your body to rest while it’s still digesting food.

  • Write a to-do-list if you have things on your mind, this can help to reduce time spent thinking about them.

  • Make time for yourself, learn to allow yourself to relax by having a bath, reading a book.

  • Keep electronic devices out of the bedroom and limit use 1 hour before going to bed as using your phone for instance will keep your mind active and off sleep.

  • Make your bedroom as comfortable as possible, check the condition of the pillows and duvet and keep the room cool and dark.